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Idea/onics AV-70x Series
(Audio/Video Comb Generators)

The Idea/onics AV-70X Series Audio/Video Comb Generators fill the need for cable systems required to provide all channel audio and video alerting.

The Idea/onics AV-70X is the newest version of the original AV-70 audio/video comb generator pioneered by Idea/onics and field proven for reliability. The AV-70x series provides the cable operator with the easiest installation of an EAS system. (Virtually one wire connection). It requires no switchers or switches and is compatible with all headends. The AV-70x series covers 70 channels expandable to 100 channels and 120 channels all in one rack mounted unit of 5¼ inches.

**NOTE: The Idea/onics AV-70X series is used in conjunction with a receiver package, encoder/decoder and character generator (Idea/onics CG-1000 or Cable Envoy).

AV-70x Series

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