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CEMS 0500
Character Generator

The CEMS-0500 is a value priced character generator that also offers audio and video switching circuitry and control relays. It accepts data and audio inputs from the MIP-921 EAS encoder/decoder. When activated, it automatically creates video text of the EAS message. The unit provides contact closures to activate override equipment. When the override equipment is activated, the CEMS-0500 passes the EAS data bursts, alert tones and audio message to the system. At the conclusion of the EAS message audio, the relay resets and the override system is returned to normal. The EAS video display may be retained for an extended period of time to provide video for a "details" channel.

The types of external override equipment that can be controlled by the CEMS-0500 includes RF Comb Generators, Baseband Switches or IF Switches.

The character generator produces high quality text display with up to 24 characters per line, with 11 lines per full page of test. Each character is 18 scan lines high by 12 dots wide. The characters are displayed as white characters on a blule, black, or gray background. The characters may also be displayed as an overlay over an auxilary video signal.


CG 1000 Specifications

CEMS 0500

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