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Meeting the New FCC Mandate

In the latter part of 1994, the Federal Communications Commission issued national standards for a new Emergency Alerting System to replace the outmoded EBS (Emergency Broadcast System) in operation for years. Under new regulations for the first time the cable television industry must participate. The rules and regulations, while extremely complex and detailed, can be summarized into the following categories in assessing your equipment needs.

  1. RF all channel audio and video override using the Idea/onics AV-70 Jr. or the Idea/onics AV-70X series audio/video comb generator. (Simplest single wire solution.)
  2. IF all channel audio and video override using the Idea/onics IFV-Ba controller/modulator and individual adjustable 12 volt channel switches (IFV-SW).
  3. For systems under 5000 subs only. Audio override on all channels, video interruption all channels and audio and video messages on one channel. (Info or tune to channel.)

These systems, when used with the Idea/onics CG-1000 or Cable Envoy character generators and HollyAnne MIP-921 encoder/decoder, also allow for a specific information channel if desired.

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