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Emergency Alert Warning System
Idea/onics Idea/onics
Idea/onics Idea/onics
Makes the in-house distribution
of Emergency Information a Snap!!
Components of
Complete System:

  • LED Color Mini-Monitor
  • Message Center Keyboard
  • Amplified Microphone
  • Idea/onics Comb Generator
       -Standard 50 Channel (Available up to 120 Channels)
In today's world, security and emergency information is a necessity!
Idea/onics has been a leader in providing EAS Emergency Alert Systems for the Cable television Industry for years. When the FCC mandated all cable TV operators to install EAS epuipment, hundreds of operators chose the Idea/onics EAS System.
Now, Idea/onics has taken that technology, refined it, and adapted it for multiple unit complexes at an affordable price.
You can disseminate Security, Safety and Emergency information at the tip of your fingers throughout any multiple unit complex with Cable TV or Private Cable. These messages are seen on every operating set and on every channel at the same time! With the use of the Idea/onics Comb Generator, message center with monitor, and microphone, in an INSTANT you can notify every unit in your complex of any emergency, both by voice and screen printout on any channel being viewed! Idea/onics
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Pioneers in Emergency Alert Systems for the cable television industry.
879 West Main • P.O. Box 369 • Mayville, ND 58257-0369
Phone:(701)786-3904 • Fax:(701)786-4294